Eliminating empty fishboxes starts now. Florida Sport Fishing TV+ utilizes a reality based approach to educate resident and visiting anglers. Fishermen from coast-to-coast are reaping the rewards of 300+ instructional videos with no YouTube ads. Instructors break down tackle selection, rigging techniques and boat prep, including what to look for on the water, all presented in an simple video vault. It's proven: members find fish faster and stay on the bite longe.


Snook to Swordfish, Tarpon to Tuna.

Florida Sport Fishing TV+ is for you. Instructional segments, complete episodes and detailed seminars filmed in real world scenarios break down the fundamentals of saltwater fishing across Florida all the way through what it takes to be a tournament winning champ.

Fueled By Passion & Experience

You know the man behind the mission well from his

20 years at the helm of Florida Sport Fishing Magazine and a decade hosting Florida Sport Fishing TV.

Now Capt Mike Genoun is producing his best work in his latest quest to educate resident & visiting anglers. successful angler.

Shorten The learning Curve

Whether you fish for sport or sustenance, heading home empty handed is frustrating. With Florida Sport Fishing TV+ on your side that will never happen again. We'll hook you up faster than you can shout, "Get The Net!"

Rig It Right

Detailed Rigging Station segments filmed on and off the water break down rigging techniques in an easy-to-follow do-it-yourself format.

300+ Instructional Videos

​​No matter the venue or trophy gamefish you want to conquer, you’ll never be out of informative and entertaining content to choose from.

Weekly Seminars

Enjoy a front row seat from the comfort of your home to regularly scheduled seminars where you can sharpen existing skillsets and master new techniques in your journey toward eliminating empty fishboxes.

300+ Instructional Videos

FULL ACCESS PLUS for the surprisingly low introductory rate of only $14/mo. With no annoying YouTube ads, weekly content, a 24/7 helpline and Catch More Fish Guaranty now is the time to join the 10% of anglers who catch 90% of the fish.


LIVE Weekly Seminars

Enjoy a front row seat from the comfort of your own home to regularly scheduled seminars with something for every angler.

Viewers From Coast To Coast Are Hooked Up!

Florida Sport Fishing TV+ and Mike's tips have increased my success on the water by ten fold. I'm now giving away fillets and my friends can't wait to go fishing with me this weekend. This guy is the real deal and a great teacher!

<p><span style="color: rgba(82,86,94,0.99);" >Sebastian O.</span></p>, <p><span style="color: rgba(82,86,94,0.99);" >Boynton Beach, FL</span></p>

Sebastian O.

Boynton Beach, FL

A site like this has been long overdue. I fish inshore and off and these videos literally break all of the tactics into easy-to-understand pieces. Now I know what I was doing wrong. My wife was right; I needed help.

<p><span style="color: rgba(82,86,94,0.99);" >Peter M.</span></p>, <p><span style="color: rgba(82,86,94,0.99);" >Tampa, FL</span></p>

Peter M.

Tampa, FL

After five or six frustrating trips in a row I was about to sell my boat. Then a friend told me about this and I decided to give it a shot. I'm already saving hundreds on useless tackle buys and can you say, "MahiMahi."

<p><span style="color: rgba(82,86,94,0.99);" >Jacob C.</span></p>, <p><span style="color: rgba(82,86,94,0.99);" >Islamorada, FL</span></p>

Jacob C.

Islamorada, FL

"Catch More Fish Guaranty"

The decision to join is simple with nothing to lose.

After watching Florida Sport Fishing TV+, if you don't find, fool & land more and bigger fish using my tips & techniques, I'll provide a 100% refund. I'll also contact you directly for a one-on-one session to pinpoint why you're missing the bite. - Capt Mike

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300+ Instructional Videos.

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Weekly Seminars.

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Catch More Fish Guaranty.

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300+ Instructional Videos.

Stream 24/7/365.

No Annoying YouTube Ads.

Weekly Seminars.

First Access To New Content.

Catch More Fish Guaranty.

Digital Subscription to:

Florida Sport Fishing Magazine.


Meet The Crew

Florida Sport Fishing TV+ is produced by avid anglers for avid anglers.

Our mission is crystal clear: to educate Florida's resident and visiting angling community regardless of age, race, skill level or gender.

Anywhere Anytime.

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Florida Sport Fishing TV+

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